Your faith might help further your education through religion nursing scholarships. Certain religious organizations offer nursing scholarships to help students achieve their dreams. Apply for religion nursing scholarships to get the assistance you need to pay for tuition, books and more.

Bethesda Lutheran Communities Scholarship for College Students

If you are a Lutheran student pursuing an undergraduate degree in any service area for people with developmental disabilities, you may qualify for one of two $3,000 scholarships. Qualified applicants are sophomores or higher with a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 and active members of a Lutheran church.

The deadline to apply for these scholarships is April 15 of each year. To learn more, visit or contact Bethesda Lutheran Communities, Pam Bergen, Executive Assistant for Mission Advancement, 600 Hoffmann Drive Watertown, Wisconsin 53094, phone 800-383-8743, ext. 4410 or 920-206-4410.

National Presbyterian College Scholarships

The Presbyterian Church-U.S.A. awards scholarships to students in select majors to cover the expenses of the third and fourth years of an undergraduate program. Select majors include Religious Studies, Social Service/Science, Sacred Music, Health Service/Science and Education. To promote diversity, preference is shown to racial ethnic students.

To qualify, students must be members of the Presbyterian church, enrolled full-time and be in good academic standing with a 2.5 GPA or greater. Find out more about these scholarships for up to $1,500 at

Colorado Christian University Scholarships

The Colorado Christian University funds a variety of grants and scholarships for undergraduate students based on leadership, academics, talents, financial need and community service. Applicants to CCU are automatically considered for scholarships and academic awards on a first come, first served basis with a priority submission date of March 1.

CCU awards scholarships to first-time freshmen based on GPA and ACT or SAT II scores, a Trustees' Scholarship of up to $40,000 over four years, a President's Scholarship of up to $32,000 over four years, a Deans' scholarship of up to $28,000 over four years and an honors scholarship of up to $20,000. There are also various transfer scholarships as well as grants based on financial need and minority scholarships. To find out more, visit

Colorado Christian University Partner Scholarships

The Colorado Christian University also offers partner scholarships. CCU established partnerships to provide students with additional opportunities to pursue undergraduate studies. Admission requirements must be met and students may qualify for one scholarship from each category for up to two partnerships scholarships of $1,250 each, totaling $2,500 per year. Eligible students must be admitted to CCU by February 1.

Opportunities include the Partners Advancing the Kingdom Scholarship to build partnerships with select Christian organizations, the Partners in Spiritual Formation Scholarship in partnership with select church and parachurch organizations and the Partners in Christian Education Scholarship in partnership with select Christian high schools. To find out more, visit

The Winston-Salem Foundation Emma Kapp Ogburn Memorial Fund

In 1946, the Emma Kapp Ogburn Memorial Fund was established to provide scholarships to Forsyth County residents of the Methodist denomination pursuing Christian education or the Methodist ministry. Scholarships are based on the available income of the fund.

The application deadline is May 15. Scholarships are applied to the cost of fees, tuition, books, room and board and other college expenses. To find out more, visit

Scholarships for Sons and Daughters of Home and International Missionaries

The WMU Foundation offers scholarships for sons and daughters of missionaries including the Carolyn Weatherford Scholarship, Mattie J.C. Russell Scholarship, Mary B. Rhodes Medical Scholarship, Julia C. Pugh Scholarship, R. Keith Parks Scholarship, Elizabeth Lowndes Scholarship, Jessica Powell Loftis Scholarship for Acteens, Madge McBee Memorial WMU Scholarship, the Hocutt Memorial Scholarship, the Juliette Mather Scholarship and the Charleston Heights Baptist Church Scholarship.

The application deadline for most scholarships is March 1 with some having a January 15 deadline. Get additional details at;=1.

Scholarships for Pagans

Students who are pagans or earth centered religionists may qualify for the Carolina Spirit Quest Pagan College Scholarship of $500 annually. All applicants must live in SC, NC, VA or the District of Columbia, be 17 or older, be pagan and be accepted in a full-time course of study at an accredited school in nursing or other fields.

Applicants must also submit a 500-word essay about what being a Pagan means to them with a reason of 100 words of less explaining why they are applying for the scholarship. Contact info for this scholarships is Carolina Spirit Quest, Pagan College Scholarship, P.O. Box 61335, Durham, NC 27715-1335 or visit

Buddhist Scholarships for High School Graduates

Funded by the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, the Tzu Chi Scholarship is need-based to recognize and assistant outstanding high school graduates who are college-bound. Scholars are chosen based on academic achievement, financial need and community service and may pursue all majors including nursing.

The application for this $1,000 Buddhist scholarship is March 1. Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.0, submit two letters of recommendation and submit an autobiography and reason to be awarded a scholarship and be enrolled in an accredited U.S. college full-time. Learn more about this opportunity at

Khyentse Foundation Buddhist Scholarships

Khyentse Foundation scholarships are awarded based on merit regardless of cultural background, ethnic origin, nationality or Buddhist tradition. The Foundation funding helps ensure Buddhadharma is available to all. Scholarships are offering internationally to students pursuing all majors including nursing.

Applicants must write an essay of about 400 words describing their motivations, aspirations and why the Foundation should support them with experience relevant to their study and/or practice of dharma. Deadlines to apply are January 15 and July 15 of each year. Learn more by visiting

Islamic Scholarship Fund Awards

Muslim students are encouraged to pursue undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in liberal arts, humanities, law and social sciences through annual Islamic Scholarship Fund awards of $1,000 to $10,000.

To qualify,students must be accepted to top ranked four-year colleges, have a GPA of at least 3.4, be Muslim, be active in the community and a citizen or permanent resident of the United States. To find out more, visit

Islamic Society of North America Scholarships

The HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal ISNA Fellowship Program offers students an opportunity to get assistance toward Masters level courses in the study of non-profit management and philanthropy, which is applicable to certain nursing careers. Fellows have the opportunity to study these subjects and other relevant fields.

The goal of the fellowship is to train knowledgeable, effective Muslim leaders with the skills to advance fund raising and related skills to lead non-profit organizations in North America. Find out more at

Sisters in Solidarity Scholarships

To highlight the civic and academic achievements of young Muslim women in the DC Metro Area, S.I.S.T.E.R.S. initiated a scholarship in 2007 to help them achieve their higher education goals.

Applications should be received by March 31. Get additional information at

Dr. Abdulmunim A. Shakir Scholarship Program

The Dr. Abdumunim A. Shakir Scholarship is offered by the ISNA. Twenty scholarships of $1,000 are awarded annually based on academic achievement and merit to students entering their first year of undergraduate study.

To qualify, students must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Applications must be received by May 1. To find out more, email scholarship at, phone (317) 204-0930 or visit

John W. McDevitt (Fourth Degree) Scholarships for Catholics

The Knights of Columbus awards around thirty-six John W. McDevitt (Fourth Degree) Scholarships each year. Applicants must be U.S. students entering their freshman year of undergrad study at a Catholic university or Catholic college. They must also be a member in good standing of the KOC or the wife, widow, daughter or son of a member or deceased member.

These academic-based scholarships are available each year after October 1 and completed appplications must be received by March 1. To learn more about this scholarships, visit

Italian Catholic Federation Scholarships

The Italian Catholic Federation offers scholarships to students of Italian descent who are Roman Catholic (or whose non-Italian Roman Catholic parents, grandparents or guardians are Federation members). Students must maintain a GPA of at least 3.2, be enrolled full-time for the first fall term following high school graduation and live within the Dioceses of Arizona, California, Illinois and Nevada.

Italian Catholic Federal Scholarship awards are renewable in the about of $500, $600 or $1,000 to pursue nursing studies or any other major. To find out more about these Catholic scholarships, visit

United Methodist Scholarships

Undergraduate students at more than 100 United Methodist-related universities and college may qualify for one of the many United Methodist Scholarship Program awards from the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM). A large number of the scholarships awarded to graduate students are for those pursuing a degree in theological students, higher education administration or older adults changing careers to popular fields such as nursing.

Scholarships are awarded on an academic year basis. Students may only receive one United Methodist scholarship during one academic year. To find out more, visit or contact Scholarships Office, PO Box 340007, Nashville, TN 37203-0007 or call (615) 340-7344.

Unitarian Scholarships

The Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations offers an array of awards and scholarships to students on all levels with a variety of goals. Awards include the Award for Distinguished Service to the Cause of Unitarian Universalism, Bennett Award, Green Construction Award, Katie Tyson Fund for Youth and Young Adult Ministry, Social Witness Sermon Contest and several others.

Scholarships offered include the Children of Unitarian Universalist Ministers, David Eaton Scholarship, Natalie Gulbrandsen Ministerial Scholarship for International Studies and several others. To learn more about these scholarship opportunities, visit

Jewish Community Center Scholarships

Those looking to professional careers in the Jewish Community Center movement might qualify for the JCC Association Graduate Scholarship Program offering merit-based financial aid for students pursuing an advanced degree. The competitive program seeks to identify and select “future stars” in the movement and invest money in their education.

Full-time students will received up to $10,000 per year for a one-year or two-year period to pursue grad studies. Field placement at a JCC is required during their studies. Applications are available after October 1 with a submission deadline of February 1. To get additional details, contact Scholarship Coordinator, JCC Association, 520 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10018, phone (212) 786-5114, website:

JVS Scholarships

The Jewish Vocational Service Scholarship Program helps local students with financial need to pursue studies at colleges, universities and trade schools across the nation.

To qualify for the JVS Scholarship Program, applicants must be Jewish, a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident, have permanent residence in Los Angeles and plan to attend a approved college full-time. Financial need and Jewish community involvement and service are considered. For additional details, visit

The Morris J. and Betty Kaplun Foundation Essay Contest

Students in both junior high and senior high can compete in the annual essay contest sponsored by the Morris J. and Betty Kaplun Foundation. The Foundation encourages young people to treasure Jewish heritage, values and understanding their contribution to culture and civilization. Essays are written about various topics related to the Jewish faith with awards on junior high and high school levels.

Prizes of $750 and $1,800 are awarded along with $18 awards for the first 50 entrants on each level. Entries must be postmarked by March of each year with prizes awarded by June. To learn more, visit

Churches of Christ Scholarships

Members of the churches of Christ may qualify for a $5,000 Faith and Education Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to an applicant who demonstrates financial need, academic achievement as well as involvement with the church or community.

To qualify for the Faith and Education scholarship, applicants must be a full-time undergrad at a four-year liberal arts college and be members of the churches of Christ. Get additional details at

A wealth of financial resources are available to nursing students of all faiths and backgrounds. With such a variety of faithful financiers, there are many opportunities to further your education no matter what your budget. Working hard and having faith definitely can have its benefits. Take advantage of religion nursing scholarships to propel you into a better future in nursing.