Many students especially those who are in college are struggling to make meets end while trying very hard to get a degree. One requirement in college education is the use of textbooks which are often expensive. Since textbooks are used only for a year’s worth of the school year most students realized that it is not practical to spend so much for textbooks since it is used only once. That is why the option to buy, sell and rent used textbooks are now available on various websites to help the student from the burden of spending for textbooks.

Advantages of Buying, Selling and Renting Used Textbooks:

  • Students are able to save a great amount of money per year.
  • There is an opportunity to earn extra by selling their used textbooks which can take up space and deemed useless in storing them.
  • Cost efficient and eco-friendly.
  • Students are able to help and support one another through their purchase, renting or selling of used textbooks. Since most textbooks are previously used by another student.
  • Very practical and convenient.

Acquiring textbooks online whether new, used, for rental is very practical. But careful considerations should be made before dealing with these programs you must check the website reputation in terms of reliability in providing quality used textbooks, the shipping cost and the delivery system. Some used textbook websites would offer the best low price on textbook but charges high on shipment cost. Weighing all the options first is crucial in order to get the best deal on used textbooks through online. Textbooks

The Amazon Textbooks Store now offers textbooks that are new, for rent and even e-textbooks at a very competitive price. This website provides customers a new venue to search and shop for textbooks whether new, used or for rental in the comfort of their home. Has a good selection of nursing, biology, accounting to engineering college textbooks. Students are now able to search with ease through the familiar and easy navigational system on Amazon web site. Amazon textbooks have a great offer on buying back textbooks in their website by giving a hefty 70% of the book’s value in a practical and convenient Amazon Gift Card. The Amazon Student is a membership club on their website wherein a member has a priority shipment through their Free Two-Day Shipping on millions of used textbooks.

Amazon Textbook Features

  • Huge selection of textbooks
  • Buy, sell, rent online
  • Ease of website navigation
  • Buyback textbook program and get up to 70% of its value through Amazon gift card
  • Offers an Amazon Student membership for free 2-Day shipping

For over 12 years Bookbyte has been a good source of cheaper textbooks to college students. They have a very vast selection of about millions of quality used college textbooks that can address the need for affordable books. They also offer the best program for textbook buyback that students can really benefit from. They offer services like buying textbooks, selling textbooks and even renting textbooks that can be accessed easily without leaving the college dormitory or home. Bookbyte has a very extensive book inventory on subjects like mathematics and science. Bookbyte also offers brand new textbooks at very affordable prices.

Bookbyte Features:

  • Millions of textbooks in their inventory
  • For buying, selling and renting college textbooks
  • Offers one day processing of payments for selling books
  • 24-hour processing and shipment
  • Offers the best prices on buyback transactions
  • Return policy of up to 14 days
  • Pays for shipment when buying books from sellers
  • Buy books or sell books in just one transaction
  • Gives quotation online
  • Many shipping options

Was chosen as the Best Website for Buying College Textbooks in the 2012 Reader's Choice Awards very recently. Ecampus has been offering cheap, used and new textbooks for many years and now offering the rent textbook program. Renting books can truly help any student save a lot of money rather than buying. Ecampus also offers a textbook buyback program. Offers easy and quick buyback payment and shipment of books are free when selling. The Ecampus website has something more to offer aside from used textbooks they also have their very own blog site for college students, Mindset list infographics and Library of College infographics. has a very good textbook rental and return program it is the best option for a very affordable low fee with free shipment upon return. This deal would really save money and very practical for college students. The borrowing or rental fee is very low compared to buying used textbooks. They also have an easier way to navigate their website. Searching for textbooks is much easier and practical for each textbook search would have an indicator about the book status whether it’s new, use or etc. Ecampus also has a reward system; buying, renting or selling lets the user earn points for rewards. Features

  • 2012 Reader's Choice Awards recipient
  • Wide selection of textbooks
  • Rent, buy, sell and buyback programs
  • Buyback program offers free shipment back to them
  • Great affordable prices
  • With reward system for earning points
  • Good website navigation offers textbooks on all levels from college, high school to elementary and this makes them different from the common textbook websites who specializes only in college textbooks. has been offering used textbooks and other books way back in the early 90’s. And by 2000 their website was launched. From a humble little used bookstore now able to reach global market through the internet. Have millions of books in their inventory pretty much what a student need for a textbook could be found here. offers a longer return policy period which comes with every purchase of used textbook via their 30-day Money Back Guarantee program. Compared to other used textbook website which average only for 10 days extends this policy for more secured buying. features:

  • Offers textbooks for college, high school and elementary
  • Offers bulk ordering for any institution
  • Longer 30-Day return policy
  • Millions of books available

Chegg textbooks have been offering college students affordable textbooks for many years now. Customers have a choice whether to buy, sell or rent used textbooks on their easy to navigate website. They offer a 21-Day Satisfaction Warranty where one can return a used textbook and get a refund without any problem. Let student save as much as $500 per year on textbooks. Renting and buying is fast and very easy through their 2-Day shipment delivery through UPS. Features

  • Buy, sell, rent textbook services
  • Wide variety of textbooks
  • 21-Day satisfaction warranty on returns
  • 2-Day fast delivery system through UPS

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