Army nursing programs offer nursing students the chance to gain unique medical experience, to have tuition fees paid for them as well as other benefits. In researching a nursing career it will be most important to look at the paths for qualification that you need to follow. To qualify as a nurse, you will need to take a two year’s Nursing Diploma training in a hospital or spend two years at a University or college to qualify with an Associate of Science in Nursing called an ASN. Or, four years training at university at an undergraduate level will give you the prestigious Bachelor of Science in nursing degree, also called the BSN. After these three avenues for training are finished, all nurses are required to take the National Council Licensure Exam (the NCLEX-RN) to get a license to practice. It is up to you at what point you wish to make a commitment to joining the army through an army nursing program.

It is possible to join the army as a registered nurse and choose which military branch you wish to work in. However, many nursing students are finding benefits in starting to make a commitment before this time, from high school level to college students thinking about joining an army ROTC program. The benefits of this are that the US army will offer you financial aid. If you agree to serve in the Army for a certain number of years as a Military Nurse they will help fund you through your studies, meaning that you do not have a huge loan to pay back upon just starting to work as a nurse.

An ROTC program is often the route that college students take if they decide on joining the Army as a nurse. These programs can last for two, three or four years depending on what length your college or university course is. You can either enrol in an ROTC program before you choose which school to go to or while you are at college. Picking an ROTC program at a relevant school will let you make the best choice in choosing the best school for you that can also train you for the Army. Before choosing a school, make sure you visit their website and their campus if possible. Find out about the required entrance exams like SATS or an ACT, that you will need to have to gain entrance. Be aware of all application deadlines and remember that applying to more than one school to increase your options is often a good idea. The Army ROTC program is great because it can offer experience in the real world that you may not be able to find at a nursing school. Furthermore, there is often more one-to-one mentoring in an Army Nurse program because the ratio of teachers to student is 1:1 instead of 8:1 as often found in nursing schools. This is because a lieutenant will often overlook and supervise you as you learn how to do tasks like drawing blood or how to put up an IV. The program aims to teach cadets critical thinking skills, leadership skills and management skills for the medical field. The Army ROTC Summer Training Program lasts for three weeks and puts cadets in hospital locations across the US and Germany. Through this program you will become familiar with the Army Medical Department (AMEDD) and will learn about the responsibilities of an Army Nurse Corps. Developing clinical skills, problem-solving techniques and professional skills are all important.

To summarize, there are many benefits in becoming a Military Nurse. There will be no need to have heavy student debts on your back once you qualify for work and the Army offers its staff some loan-repayment options also for those who have not done scholarships. The Army Nurse program helps you to give back to the community you serve and help your country’s soldiers. Often what is required is four year’s active service in the Army followed by four year’s active or reserve service. One nursing student remarked that she had learned more in 2 weeks in the Army Nursing Program than she had learned in her two years at nursing school. At the Army, it will be necessary to learn about the ranking system and Army values. It aims to teach students an enhanced education to produce stronger leaders. Some programs will train students to transition from learning skills in the field to learning how to lead in a hospital environment.

The Army Nursing Program will consist of clinical rotations. High School students can be awarded a four year scholarship and there are also college student scholarships at that level for those considering Army ROTC. Some enlisted soldier scholarships will let army staff train to officer level. All of these scholarships are given not on a financial need basis, but rather on the basis of grades and merit. Additional allowances for other fees and books may be offered. The financial aid given is explained in terms of living allowances given every month. In the first year of an Army ROTC curriculum $300 per month is given, with $350 given in the second year per month, $450 monthly in the third year and $500 per month in the fourth year. These living allowances are also available for those who enrol in an ROTC program in their third or fourth year of college without a scholarship.

The Army provides training and working in many different specialities and may also offer nurses the chance to work in vital and pioneering medical research. You will have the respect of being a U.S Army commissioned officer and may have more autonomy in your profession than what is offered by the private sector. The pay is competitive but even better is the range of benefits on offer and the emphasis put on continued learning. The U.S Army Reserve team functions in the local community and offers serving nurses an alternative to active service. The Army Nurse Corps works closely with other medical professionals, from doctors to dentists, pharmacists, therapists and dieticians.