APIASF/United Health Foundation Asian Health Scholarship

  • Description: This graduate nursing scholarship is possible through the partnership of The Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund (APIASF) and the United Health Foundation to extend financial assistance to students with Asian and Pacific Islander ethnicities. This is for scholars who want to continue with further study in a career in the field of health.
  • Deadline: January 13, Annually
  • Other Information/Requirements: The chosen students should have residency and must attend a university or college within the United Health Foundation geographic footprint (within 50 United States) and must be fluent in their Asian or Pacific Islander language. This scholarship grant is about $2,500 annually for the incoming first year students.

Kansas Nursing Service Scholarship

  • Description: The Kansas Nursing Service Scholarship is given to RN’s and LPN’s who have a licensed in the Kansas state. This sponsorship will offer partial scholarship funding and after course completion will provide ready employment in one of the required sponsor facilities for about a year.
  • Deadline: May 01, Annually
  • Other Information/Requirements: The chosen scholar after finishing his or her graduate studies and after acquiring a Kansas license must serve any of the sponsor for about one year. This is part of the agreement made by the scholarship board with the chosen scholar. Kansas sponsor are health institutions such as home health care agency, adult care home, medical care facility, local health department, psychiatric hospital and of Kansas state agency.

Army Nurse Corps Association (ANCA) Education Fund

  • Description: The objective of this scholarship program is to provide assistance amounting to $3,000 scholarship grants to deserving nursing students on nursing baccalaureate, anesthesia or graduate nursing programs at any colleges or universities.
  • Deadline: March 31, Annually
  • Other Information/Requirements: Person interested in applying must meet the following qualifications:
    • Anestesia or nursing students who have plans of entering the Army National Guard or Reserve and the Active Army and are not under any program funded by the abovementioned military institutions.
    • Students that have previous service history in the Army National Guard or Reserve and Active Army
    • Officers of the Army Nurse Corps of the US Army who are currently enrolled and has no funding from any of the entity of the US Army.
    • Enlisted soldiers of the Army who want to acquire a degree or further studies in nursing.
    • Persons that are children or spouses of former servicemen in the Army who are students of anesthesia and nursing.

Perinatal Nursing Graduate Scholarships

  • Description: The March of Dimes is offering this annual scholarship grants worth $5,000 to duly registered nurses enrolled currently in graduate nursing programs of maternal-child nursing. The aim of this funding is to better promote excellence in nursing care of newly born babies and mothers.
  • Deadline: February 1, Annually
  • Other Information/Requirements: Applicant to this scholarship must be a registered nurse who are currently enrolled in a nursing graduate program specifically maternal-child nursing for masteral or doctorate courses. The applicant must have one academic term to be completed after May of that year wherein the scholarship is scheduled to be granted. Must be a current member of at least of these organizations such as the American College of Nurse-Midwives, the Association of Women's Health, the National Association of Neonatal Nurses, Neonatal Nurses and Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses in order to qualify. members of the March of Dimes board of trustees and their family members are not eligible to apply for this scholarship.

WOCN Society Accredited Nursing Education Scholarships

  • Description: This scholarship is being offered to deserving individuals who are committed to work within the continence, ostomy and wound nursing fields. Applicants should support the WOCN Society’s objectives and nursing practice scope.
  • Deadline: May1 and November 1 twice annually
  • Other Information/Requirements: Must pledge support to the philosophy and practice guide as mandated by WOCN Society. This graduate nursing scholarship is limited only to specific nursing specialty fields like continence, ostomy and wound nursing.

Nurses Float Scholarship

  • Description: One $5,000 scholarship will be awarded to a RN pursuing either an ADN to BSN or BSN to MSN degree.
  • Deadline: December 15th

American School Health Association Scholarship

  • Description: This scholarship is being offered to those who have interest in professionally servicing the health concerns of the youth. The American School Health Association Scholarship has three $1,000 grants offered each year in nursing specialization in pediatric or adolescent medicine, pediatric and adolescent dental nursing, school nursing and school health education. Nursing field in the school nutrition and counseling is also considered provided if a letter is forwarded together with the application it should also justify the goals or purpose relating to school health.
  • Deadline: April 06, Annually
  • Other Information/Requirements: It is very clear that this scholarship award is granting assistance in various nursing graduate courses who specializes the needs of school children and the youth. Scholars of this grant shall receive a complimentary membership to American School Health Association and registration to the annual ASHA conference wherein this scholarship grant is presented.

WOCN Society Advanced Education Scholarship Program

  • Description: The WOCN is committed to enhance professionalism in the nursing field which led to their sponsorship of WOCN Society Advanced Education Program they will generously contribute funds through their foundation in providing financial assistance for Baccalaureate, Masters or Doctorate Nursing degrees.
  • Deadline: November 01, Annually
  • Other Information/Requirements: The required means of submission of applications with supporting documents is through reliable delivery systems that can track your mail like registered mail with return receipt or through Fedex or UPS delivery.

Virginia Elizabeth & Alma Vane Taylor Student Nurse Fund

  • Description: The Virginia Elizabeth & Alma Vane Taylor Student Nurse Fund is exclusively for residents of North Carolina who currently attending nursing school in this area.
  • Deadline: August 15th
  • Other Information/Requirements: Must have acceptance into any accredited school of nursing in North Carolina as supported by an acceptance latter for either baccalaureate or associate nursing program. Must be abobafide resident of North Carolina with the family’s gross annual income is only less than $80,000. With a GPA of at least 2.5 in high school and college to qualify.

VDH Mary Marshall Nursing Scholarship

  • Description: The Mary Marshall Nursing Scholarship Program is intended for students who would want to pursue further studies in Practical Nursing program (LPN) or a registered nursing program (RN) who are presently accepted or enrolled in one of the nursing schools in Virginia.
  • Deadline: June 30, Annually
  • Other Information/Requirements: It is very important that the applicant fully understands the requirement for this nursing scholarship grant. He or she must be a Virginia bona fide resident for about a year. Presently enrolled or accepted in one of Virginia’s nursing schools. has a GPA of no less than 3.0 for RN, showed financial incapability, will submit an official transcript together with application not later than June 30. Once accepted the scholar agrees to provide full time nursing services in Virginia- for every $100 received is equivalent to one month of nursing services.

MiTio Foundation Scholarship

  • Description: The MiTio Foundation is now offering a financial assiatance amounting to $1,000 twice a year in June and December. The main objective of this program is to help deserving students who are bilingual and current struggling with their finances and who are seeking to pursue a career in the health care field.
  • Deadline: May 5 and November 5 Biannually
  • Other Information/Requirements: Applicants are requested to submit a 500 word essay on a specific given topic which will be submitted via email. The essays should be forwarded not later than these dates May 5th and November 5th twice for each year. Awarding of MiTio Foundation Scholarship is one June 1st and another one by December 1st. Grants will be awarded directly to the recipient.

Elizabeth J. Davis Scholarship

  • Description: The Elizabeth J. Davis Scholarship was created to help home health care professionals in pursuing advanced nursing programs.
  • Deadline: February, Annually
  • Other Information/Requirements: Must attend an accredited nursing school for federal Title IV funding which can include a Stafford loans, PLUS loans or Pell grants. Applicants is interested to seek profession in health related care services who justified his financial incapability. The scholar is required to provide nursing care services in Vermont for a minimum period of two years. Applicants will be required to write and submit an essay, has recommendation letter and would be available for a personal interview.

Maryland Graduate Nurse Support Program II

  • Description: The Maryland Graduate Nurse Support Program II awards a graduate nursing program faculty scholarship with an added living expenses grant to deserving students in the state of Maryland.
  • Deadline: Before the start of a new semester.
  • Other Information/Requirements: To qualify a student must be sponsored by any higher education nursing institution in Maryland which can lead to the student’s acceptance as qualified nursing faculty member. Must complete and submit application together with proper documentation to the Office of Student Financial Assistance or OSFA. Must submit before the start of any semester they wish to received funding for. It is advisable to complete and submit applications by August 1 during the fall semester and on December 1 during the spring semester.

ARC of Washington Trust Fund Research Grants

  • Description: The ARC of Washington Trust Fund Research Awards provides assistance in the nursing field specifically in the field of mental retardation.
  • Deadline: Varies
  • Other Information/Requirements: Scholarship applicants are required to submit a letter that will explain the proposal and how it relates the objectives of the Trust. Letters of applications can be submitted anytime

Charlotte McGuire Scholarship Program

  • Description: The Charlotte McGuire Scholarship Program is exclusively being offered to bona fide members of the American Holistic Nurses' Association. This scholarship aims to help and support a member who wants to pursue a holistic nursing education program.
  • Deadline: April 15, Annually
  • Other Information/Requirements: Open only to AHNA members who want further studies in the field of holistic nursing education that have a maintained grade of 3.0 average on a 4.0 grading scale system. Already have an experience and interested in acquiring holistic and healing nursing practice. A member of AHNA for a minimum of six months by the time of application submission for an undergraduate grant and one year membership for a graduate grant award can apply.

Future of Nursing Scholarship

  • Description: The Future of Nursing Scholarship is designed for online education targeted for licensed registered nurses of good standing who have no time to attend regular nursing graduate schooling. Western Governors University is an online university that can provide competency-based academic module that offers convenience as well as flexibility for working licensed RNs who need to have master’s degree while still active with her or his nursing career. This scholarship opportunity is valued at $5,000 which will be awarded monthly at $1,000 per six months term. The Western Governors University is a non-profit organization that is the only recognized online competency-based university fully accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities and the Distance Education and Training Council. WGU’s online nursing programs are currently guided by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing Essentials.
  • Deadline: Varies
  • Other Information/Requirements: The Future of Nursing Scholarship is awarded depending on the applicant’s academic record, level of preparedness for an online study program, financial situation and competency and other factors that will need considerations.

Arkansas Nurses Foundation Research Grants

  • Description: The Arkansas Nurses Foundation Research Grants is offered exclusively for registered nurses who hold an Arkansas Nursing license who are currently in good standing with the Arkansas State Board of Nursing (LPN, RN, APN).
  • Deadline: June 15, Annually
  • Other Information/Requirements: To qualify for the grant one must be a current registered nurse who has an Arkansas Nursing license must be a graduate of NLNAC or CCNE accredited program and has earned a baccalaureate or master’s degree in nursing.

The California School Nurses Organization

  • Description: The CSNO is offering one of its members $1,000 graduate study scholarship.
  • Deadline: November 1st

Georgia Nurses Association and Foundation

  • Description: The GNA offers two scholarships (Katherine Pope and Annie Lou Overton) to under or graduate nursing study.

Indiana Emergency Nurses Association

  • Description: Indiana ENA offers scholarships to its members working towards BSN, MSN, or Doctoral degree. Deadline: April 1st & October 1st

Iowa Nurses Association

  • Description: INA offers Iowa nurses foundation and 100 great nurses scholarships.

The Iowa League for Nursing

  • Description: ILN offers two $1000 and one $500 nurse educator scholarships to its memeber.

Kansas School Nurse Organization

  • Description: Must be the member of KSNO. Deadline: April 1st.

The Kentucky Coalition of Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Midwives

  • Description: Kentucky residents enrolled in an accredited MSN, DNP or PhD nursing program in the Kentucky. Must be a member of KCNPNM.

Josh Gottheil Memorial Bone Marrow Transplant Career Development Awards

  • Description: The primary objective of the Josh Gottheil Memorial Bone Marrow Transplant Career Development Awards is to give incentive to registered professional nurses for outstanding nursing practices in the specific field of bone marrow transplant nursing through a financial assistance to support goals of having further studies in a master’s program or bachelor’s degree. There will be four scholarship awards each year that will have a $2,000 scholarship grant through the sponsorship of the Josh Gottheil Memorial Fund for Lymphoma Research in commemoration of the late Josh Gottheil.
  • Deadline: June 15, Annually
  • Other Information/Requirements: Scholarship applicant must be a current registered nurse employee who works in the bone marrow transplantation unit with a 75% time/ period devoted solely to bone marrow transplant patients, or who is currently working as a nurse manager, nursing practitioner, nurse coordinator or as a clinical nurse with specialization in bone marrow patient. A required minimum of two years service in the bone marrow transplant field is also a required qualification for this grant.

Nurse Leaders for North America

  • Description: The Nurse Leaders for North America is sponsored by Global Scholarship Alliance (GSA) which is considered as one of the top providers of scholarships in the nursing field in America. The goal of this grant is to develop the world’s latest generation of nurse educators and leaders. GSA has partnerships with different universities and health systems within the US. GSA is providing full scholarship for advanced nursing degree with a multi-year nursing employment.
  • Deadline: Varies
  • Other Information/Requirements: To apply one must a current registered nurse with permanent US or Canada residency. Has successfully completed the three year registered nursing program. The applicant must have the drive or the desire to work. has completed at least a year of nursing experience in M.S, CCU, E/R and ICU.