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  • Use our search box to get multiple results for free.  In just seconds, you will have a list of colleges offering the program you want in your desired location. Review multiple options to choose the best college for your educational needs.  NursingScholarship.US links to the latest college feeds.  Request information from unlimited number colleges through our website for free.
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Questions To Ask A College Rep

You did a search at NursingScholarship.US, found a great list of colleges and requested more information. Now that the college representatives are replying, what will you say to them? Here is a list of useful questions to ask a college rep to help you get started:

  • What specific nursing majors do you offer?
  • What is the enrollment deadline?
  • Are SAT or other testing scores required or recommended for admission?
  • What are the other admission requirements?
  • Is there an application fee and can it be waived?
  • What scholarships are available and are there general tips to help you earn them?
  • How many students receive scholarships from the college annually?
  • Is there a dedicated contact for financial aid?
  • Are there direct telephone numbers for guidance counselors and financial aid counselors?
  • How do other students feel about the school and are there students who can familiarize you with the college?
  • How safe is the college campus and its surrounding areas?
  • How many students graduate and how many drop out or transfer?
  • Is free tutoring available?
  • What are additional expenses such as books, exams, parking and food?
  • Can you complete courses online?
  • Are there courses that must be completed at a physical college campus as opposed to online?
  • Is the college licensed and/or accredited?
  • How does the college prepare you for required examinations to enter your profession?
  • Does the college offer job placement assistance upon graduation?