Are you Ready to Improve your Lifestyle and Career as an RN without sacrificing your present job and income while in school? Because of the flexibility of online nursing degree programs, higher education has become more accessible than ever before.

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Benefits of Online Education

Distance or Online learning offers students a plethora of advantages. If you are unable to attend classes at a specific time because of work or family obligations, online education gives you the opportunity to complete your coursework at your convenience and provides an opportunity to go to the school of your choice and pursue the curriculum you want.

If you are currently working as an RN, distance learning is a fantastic way to earn while you learn. Some facilities will even help to pay the cost of your college education because nurses are in such great demand.

Finally, most states require nurses to have continuing education to maintain their licenses. Each state has a Board of Nursing that determines the licensing requirements for nurses to work in that state. The criteria to determine licensing requirements for nurses is based on the Uniform Core Licensure Requirements, the Model Nursing Practice Act and the Model Nursing Administrative Rules that were created by the National Council of State Nursing Boards (NCSNB). Meeting the requirements for continuing education is much easier when you can take courses online rather than attempting to schedule classes around your hectic nursing schedule.

Online Nursing Schools

So how does online nursing degree program work? Typically speaking, online courses take between six to eight weeks to complete unless you are enrolled in a distance learning institution that follows the traditional calendar. You can take as few or as many courses as you want and work at your own pace.

Nurses also need to fulfill certain clinical training which cannot be conducted online. This clinical training is usually held at a medical facility near the student's residence.

Online nursing students can pursue financial aid opportunities to pay for higher education just like students attending a physical school location. Assistance such as federal financial aid, state financial aid, grants, student loans such as Stafford and tuition reimbursement programs can help students to pay for their schooling.

According to the Harris Poll, nursing is one of the most prestigious occupations in the country today. Why not join the ranks of other successful nurses and enroll in a distance learning school to improve your future?