The Stress is always the number 1 enemy

Stress is the one thing that we try to avoid, but somehow it has the perfect ways to find us. In the beginning you are holding it, carrying it with you every day, you say to yourself that you are perfectly normal and healthy person that can handle everything, yes, your job, your life has become a big mess and yes, it is stressful. Here come the big “But” that we put and say that we can handle everything and this stress that everyone is complaining about, is nothing that you can’t handle. I mean, if I could travel back in time when I was a newbie, I would say that I have been in more stressful situations in the past, and there is nothing new that I can’t handle.

It is not about now, it is about later

Over the years, this stress settles in, bit by bit until one day we feel like the weight of the worlds has been placed squarely on our shoulders. Someone said that this is normal when it comes to the nursing profession. It is not about our profession it is about all professions in the world; we cannot let the stress be our everyday life. This is why we have so many patients and we are working much harder. It is because of this stress, and some of us are even changing their positions with the patients. Instead of being the perfect nurse that can handle everything they become the perfect patient that doesn’t hear or do anything that might help them.

What you can do about that?

It is strange how we nurses have so much capacity to avoid stress??? Hmmm…. No, let turn this around and let me say that it is strange how we have so much capacity not to avoid stress. I have seen myself every day and most of my colleagues what we do after work. We simply have homework. Our homework is the next big thing that we do after work. Instead of relaxing we have kids, we have to wash, cook and do all that stuff that make us unhappy. The next thing that we have to do is not thinking about work, now, this is very difficult. It is probably because we don’t do so much fun stuff. It is because we forgot how it is was to have fun; and that we can have fun at work too.

The plan:

Relax: This is too much obvious, but it deserves attention. Dress comfortably, walk or meditate during breaks, this helps a lot in creating more relaxed environment. Take a day off, and see if you can make this day more active with yoga, walking, massage or aromatherapy.

Do not rush while you eat!! I have had this habit for a long time. This is the worse habit that anyone can have. I was doing this at work, home and everywhere else. I didn’t have time to eat and I was eating everything that was on the menu. Make your own healthy diet plan. Take your time, and do not rush, it can wait for few more minutes.

The diversion: One reason stress is so common with nurses is that so many things are happening at once, and all of them are crying at the same time for your attention. When you are taking a break you need to shut the “noise” out. Take a walk while you are on that break and when you are going to return to work, you will see that you will have a better perspective.

The positive thinking co-worker: Stay away from those co-workers that are spending their time on gossiping, criticizing or complaining. They can bring only negative thoughts in your mind.

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