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At NursingScholarship.us we welcome guest blogs from our readers. Guest blogging affords us the opportunity to present content from different sources. And having many different sources of ideas, experiences and information ensures that our content is diverse, bringing together different points of views. If you are interested to become a part of this thriving community, please take a moment to check out our guidelines.

Quality over Quantity

In an effort to present the latest and most relevant information from the nursing professional through original, thoughtfully-crafted content, we have established some general guidelines for our guest bloggers. We realize that guest blogging fosters interaction, promotes engagement, and enhances exchange of ideas and experiences that will benefit our readership. Guest blogging allows us to keep our blog fresh and thriving with activity.

We aim to maintain the quality of the content we accept and publish on our site at all stages. This quality control is essential to do justice to our loyal readers who rely on NursingScholarhip.us for tips, advice and information on nursing scholarships all over the country.

Who Can Write for Us

To uphold the integrity of the information we present, as well as to build a solid foundation of knowledge, NursingScholarship.us currently limits blogging privileges to certain groups. At the moment, we are only accepting contributions from individuals who are in way or another involved in the nursing field, either as practicing nurse, a student of a nursing program, or staff of nursing schools, hospitals and other related institutions. This ensures that the furnished content is crafted by individuals in-the-know, that is, people with relevant real-world experience who can add value to the blog.

What Guest Blogging Offers You

A guest blog is a unique, previously-unpublished article (online or offline) relevant to the nursing field. For the contributor, a guest post on an authoritative site such as ours offers several benefits. Apart from getting published, our contributors establish credibility in their field by associating with one of the most reputable nursing-related sites online. We also give the contributor the option to include a backlink to their own site, blog or social media profile, so our readers can click through and visit the contributor’s page. Being backlinked by an authority site is good SEO practice, which translates to higher rankings in search engines, as well as more visitors and readership.

Acceptable Content

At the moment we accept only content that is relevant to the nursing profession. Our limited focus ensures that our site stays true to its cause and founding philosophy. As we grow, we will expand our knowledge base by venturing into other areas of healthcare. For the moment, however, we are only accepting content tightly centered on nursing, and other closely-related areas.

As of now, we are only accepting articles that are a minimum of 500-words. Given the subject, nature and readership of our blog, we will not entertain any articles that contain expletives or sexually-explicit language, or that contain overtly sales-driven or politically-driven language. In addition, apart from backlink to the contributor’s personal website or blog, we will not accept or entertain any affiliate marketing efforts or other commercial intentions.

Format and Style

Our readership encompasses individuals from a range of education and background. This includes everyone from the high-school graduate looking to pursue career in nursing, to experienced professionals who have been in the industry for years. As such, we strive to maintain a level of quality that lets everyone derive value from our blogs. While we do accept academic and technical writings, we encourage a style that’s more attuned to the level of knowledge a general user of the site is likely to possess. That means, easy-to-read, conversational prose that delivers an idea or message in clean, simple English.

We expect the articles to be grammatically-sound, and free of any spelling, punctuation, structure and comprehension issues. We encourage segmenting the article into paragraphs, and including titles or sub-headlines for each section.

We request guest bloggers to proofread and edit the piece to make sure it abides by our strict guidelines. A well-developed, fine-tuned piece is likely to get published sooner because we do not have to expend any resources editing the content. However, due to the limited resources and the large volume of guest posts we are requested to entertain from time to time, we appreciate your patience and cooperation through the approval process.

Guidelines at a Glance

  • Guest contributions accepted from nurses, nursing students, staff of nursing colleges and hospitals, and professionals engaged in a related field
  • Must be unique, relevant and informative
  • Must be edited and free of any language errors and issues
  • At least 500 words per article
  • One backlink to a personal site or blog accepted
  • Cannot contain profane, offensive or inappropriate language or subject

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