Nursing Scholarships for Single Parents

Nursing is one of the most rewarding careers and it’s a career that has many opportunities for professional advancement. My hat goes off to single mothers who’ve gone through the nursing program, passed the NCLEX and landed a job – it’s not easy. I truly understand because that was my situation 15 years ago before I remarried. Now you’re ready to go back to school to attain a bachelor’s or a master’s degree, but you’re worried about educational cost. You might even have a pet student loan around and just don’t want to acquire anymore debt. I don’t blame you there. The good news is – there are nursing scholarships available for single mothers to help defer the cost of tuition.


Always fill out a FASA application first. There website is The government is still awarding grants and scholarships based on financial need. After you’ve learned how much funding you can receive from the government, start researching scholarships and apply for as many as you can. Many students feel that researching scholarships is a waste of time and that they won’t get it anyway. The truth is you won’t know unless you try. There are so many scholarships funds out there that aren’t even awarded, because people don’t know about them.

Scholarships range in various amounts, some are more and others are much less, but the fact is they all add up. You can apply for multiple scholarships and might be surprised to receive a good percent of them, deferring the cost of your tuition. I’ve heard of parents who have researched and applied for many scholarships for their children’s college education and hardly had to pay any tuition – it’s possible. You just have to make up your mind to take the time to do it. Remember, you don’t have to take out a ton of student loans to go back to school, because they are not fun paying back.

The following is a list of excellent scholarship opportunities:

Health Resources and Services Administration has a program called Nurse Corps Scholarship Program. This is a government program that pays full tuition, fees books and give a monthly stipend for students pursuing an Associate, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in nursing. In exchange, after graduation, students have to work in an area that has a critical shortage of nurses. Preference is given to students that demonstrate the greatest financial need. Information;

After College Scholarship Funds offers a scholarship award to nursing students pursuing a bachelor’s or master in nursing degree; Scholarships in the amount of $2500 is awarded every quarter: All students must be enrolled in an American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) institution.

Hurst Review Services offers scholarships for students pursuing professional nursing degrees. It’s available for pre-licensure students who are registered at an American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) school. You can find out if your school is a member by visiting  Two scholarships for the amount of $2500 are awarded every year. Website:

Mary Blake Single Parent Nursing Scholarship is a $500 dollar scholarship award program for single parents studying nursing who hold a 2.7 GPA or higher. Information:

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