Nurse: to be or not to be?

In the early years of one’s life, you ponder on which path to take as you move on to choosing a career that will greatly benefit you. Several factors are put into consideration. The nature of each is evaluated and examined with great responsibility. More often than not, when one eyes a career based on medical service alongside with self sacrifice then you will opt nursing.

I believe that nursing and altruism is greatly intertwined. If one has no concern for the welfare of others then nursing is not for you. Aside from theoretical knowledge which is equally important, nursing is a serving job. The bulk of the job encompasses medical awareness, patient safety and care, effective rehabilitation, management and research, interpersonal communication and etc. Long working hours and physical strain is inevitable. One has to be versatile since dealing with various cases with different levels of severity is not an easy task. Aside from taking care of the physical condition, a nurse should also consider the various culture and values that is to be dealt with.

There are also various fields in nursing that you can choose from. One must possess a deeper level of understanding and critical thinking skills. Let’s say for example you decide to be part of Emergency Nursing which is the field I decided to embrace. Coming from the word emergency, it deals with cases needing immediate intervention. Nurse’s who possess the skills of alertness and presence of mind in times of crisis are the ones who thrive on this type of environment. It is a fast paced environment so 1 second window of delay may cause a life. One the other hand, if you are the one of the many who loves to take care of children and have the motherly touch then you can opt for Pediatric Nursing. The end of life is unavoidable, when you have a soft spot in your heart to care for the old then may be Geriatric Nursing is for you. I should also not forget to mention, Anesthetist Nursing. With the proper training it is classified to be one of the most lucrative jobs in the US. There are far more options for you if you choose the nursing role in the society. Enumerated above are only some of the many fields that one can become. Various roles in the community and administrative positions can also be an option.

A nurse’s role in the society is indeed very challenging and demanding. It is important that one is well aware that although the job is very profitable along with it comes great responsibility. In dealing with lives there is no room for mistakes. I would like to quote the words of a famous author Robert Frost, “I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” To many the bumpy road of nursing is a challenge they are willing to adapt as a lifelong crusade, to some it is a road traveled by the strong and brave, for others it is a quest to serve the nation and be a helping hand to those in need, for me it is a road of self fulfillment. I have learned that no matter how rough the road may be no one can determine gratification but you. Choose wisely.

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About wordsofanurse

Having graduated as a nurse, I had my clinical experience for 5 years both local and abroad. This experiences has taught me that nursing is an ongoing process. Through this blog, I would like to share my own insights regarding topics that awaken my mind.