Fund Your Graduate Nursing Studies With Scholarships

Do you have a desire to advance your nursing career to the next level but afraid of the high cost of tuition? If so, don’t be alarmed. Nursing Scholarships are available to continue your education so you can attain a graduate degree – and be assured to know that scholarships can potentially fund a large percentage of your tuition. Many nurses aren’t aware of the vast array of nursing scholarships available in the United States and the fact that some nursing organizations have funding for nurses to go back to school to become primary care providers in their communities.

A great resource for nurses who want to pursue a graduate degree is the American Association of College of Nurses. This organization has a tremendous amount of information, including scholarship information for nurses who want to attain a graduate degree. Web address:

Before starting your scholarship search, begin with some basics by creating an educational plan which includes:

  • Knowing the type of graduate program you want to enroll in
  • Projected cost of basic educational fees for the graduate program
  • Amount of time it will take for you to complete your graduate degree
  • Housing and living expenses needed while attaining your goal

Once you’ve figured out how much it will cost to attain your graduate degree, the next step is to fill out a Free Application for Student Aide (FASA) application. This will reveal what’s available for you in addition to federal and state grants. Web address:

Federal Work Study Program:

  • Provides part-time work for students with financial needs who are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree to pay educational expenses. Work-related community service, in your area of study is encouraged.

Federal Pell Grant:

  • May be available for students seeking a post-baccalaureate teacher certificate program. Funding amounts change every year.
  • Learn about aid from other federal agencies:
  • Learn about state aid assistance:

Contact your University:

  • The educational institution you want to attend may have in-house scholarship programs that fit your income criteria. Don’t hesitate to fill out an application if you feel you are eligible.

The key to funding your education with scholarships is by combining multiple scholarships for maximum funding and to apply for scholarships each semester to keep funding sources flowing in.

After you filled out the FASA application and know what you will receive in scholarships and grants, then begin your search for private scholarships. Researching private scholarships programs is a time consuming task.  Take a deep breath and tell yourself that it is well worth the time and effort.

Start by performing a basic internet search for nursing scholarships.  And don’t forget to contact nursing organizations you may belong to for possible scholarship awards.

The following are examples of private scholarships available for nursing students:

  • Scholarships for women
  • Scholarships for single mothers
  • Scholarships for minority groups
  • Merit scholarships
  • Scholarships geared toward nursing specialties
  • Scholarships for advanced practice degrees
  • Scholarships for students who meet certain income criteria
  • Scholarships for students who live in certain geographical areas

Never underestimate the power of scholarships, they are out there waiting to be found.

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