How I got my nursing scholarship

When I first started out, there were a lot of hoops I had to jump to get my degree. Here are some quick tips on how I got my first scholarship.

Choose your nursing specialty

Pediatrics, forensics, gynecology, emergency room and cardiology are just few of the many specialties that are wide open to all nurses. There are nursing specialties that exist nearly for any major illness, population and life situation that require medical care. These specialties have professional associations that sponsor scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students in nursing.

How to become a registered nurse

If you want to become a registered nurse first you have to attend a technical school then you have to go to two-year College or you can attend a four-year college. The last step that every nurse has to make is to pass the National Council Licensing Exam (NCLE). I had to look for more information about this exam because each state has different information with study guides and suggestions. If you pass this exam then you are a registered nurse. Be careful in following the instructions about the exam and write everything on paper it might help you, writing a note helps you remember stuffs.

Would you be a good nurse?

Following the steps to be a professional nurse is a journey of a thousand miles that begins with a single step. Every recent high school graduate has to consider if nursing can provide path that he or she is looking for. First you have to know that nursing is a profession that is under- served in some areas of the country, but as a result finding a job and getting considerable financial help during school it’s not going to be your problem. Once you decide to get the registered nurse diploma the next step is to figure out how to finance all that. Nursing has an abundance of scholarship opportunities, grants, and loans and if you and if you do a little research you can lighten on your wallet by taking advantage of the student financial aid.

Requirements for Nursing Scholarships

There are literally thousands of scholarships available for every student, from local community-based scholarships to national and federal scholarships. Best thing about scholarships is that this is free money and you do not have to pay them back. Some of the conditions to get a scholarship are to write an essay, do an interview or to submit letters of reference from your teachers or you employees to the scholarship committee. On the other hand the scholarships such as the Obligatory-service scholarships for Nurses, they are usually sponsored by the government and require minimum of two to eight years’ service. Getting a scholarship is not such an easy job to do, there are many students that can’t pursue their studies because of their hard financial situation, or they are simply were declined from the school committee at the beginning of the application.

Here are the tips that I used to increase my chances for receiving my scholarship

In order to increase your chances for receiving scholarship here are some advices you may use them.

Always follow instructions and be aware of the details.  When you receive the applications packet open it and read the instructions very slowly. Never rush.

Write down your scholarship deadline on your calendar. Give a plenty of time to your references to write your letters of recommendation. Keeping track of your things and being organized gives better results at the end.

How to write the best scholarship essay

When I tried to write a good essay I had to identify my reviewing audience. After you determine you audience, you have to think what would motivate the reviewer in this particular field to award you with scholarship. Gather your facts that are related to the particular organization that is awarding the scholarship and then brainstorm to identify any relevant facts that could impress them with awarding you with scholarship.

Prepare an outline by using the facts that you have gathered already in the first stage of the essay preparation. You have to incorporate as much information as possible in order to convince the reviewer. Your essay should have a logical progression of information presented and has three main parts: introduction, a Body and a Conclusion.


The introduction must catch the readers’ attention. If the subject is about you wanting to be a nurse, then the introduction has to include at least three points addressing to the main topic.

The body of the essay

In the body you is all about the details of the main points that you already gave in the introduction. In this paragraph you should convince the reader why he should choose you for the scholarship. This is you right moment to persuade the reader and use three or four paragraphs to convince them to select you. In the body of the essay you should write your goals and inspirations, indicate your interest in the field of nursing.

The conclusion of the essay

Here you should summarize all your points that you have made in the body of the essay. Here you should tell the reader that you are the write applicant for the scholarship upon the information’s that you have already presented. Always reread your essay and give your essay to the four other individuals to read you essay too. Be open to criticism and let them see if your grammar, content and spelling are correct.

Be prepared for the interview

Be on time to the interview. When someone is interviewing you, then you should know that he is analyzing the way you look: how you are dress, are you confidence and if you are polite enough. Be sure you are not wearing jeans and sneakers, practice with someone else before you enter and stay on topic.

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